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Do you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful? Then you need to hire a private investigator for your cheating spouse so you can find the evidence that you need. It’s unpleasant to worry about whether we’re being cheated on, and the primary purpose of our private detectives in Stoke on Trent is to provide absolute clarity about what’s really going on. For many clients, the first step is to contact us and ask to speak to one of our specialist matrimonial investigators here in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

Infidelity is a painful and devastating event in any relationship. The uncertainty of   not knowing if your spouse or partner is cheating on you. The breach of trust, fear and betrayal can be overwhelming. Here at Vestige Solutions we understand this anguish and are committed to supporting our clients with discreet, professional infidelity investigations in achieving their purpose; providing evidence to conclude your suspicions.

Issues of infidelity need to be handled by a private investigator who is not only experienced at surveillance and information gathering, but also able to identify potential abuse and domestic violence.

Experience has taught us that a carefully planned investigation is key to a productive, economically efficient outcome for you the client.  Our client’s needs are at the heart of our planning and your consent is always gained before we proceed. The process will involve you being open and honest with us, the more information we have, the more likely we are to gain an outcome that provides effective answers.


How infidelity investigations work:

We will plan a bespoke surveillance package to give you the best possible results based on information that you provide regarding your spouse/partners and their activities. Cost is dependent on a number of factors, including the location of the surveillance and number of investigators. It is common for infidelity surveillance to require more than one investigator. The cost is discussed with you prior to the investigation launch. We do this in a sincere effort to give you the best opportunity to know the truth and to minimize your cost.

Once you agree for us to proceed, you will need to complete our contract, make arrangements for our retainer to be paid and confirm that you have a full understanding of what our investigative procedures mean for you.
Other commonly requested services that we can carry out in conjunction with investigating infidelity include:

  • Vehicle and phone tracking.
  • Identification of the “Other Person”
  • Child Custody & Support Investigations

Because each case is unique, we ask that you give us a call and speak to one of our detectives about your particular situation so that we may assess which type of investigation will work best for you.


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